Where Have the Homes For Sale gone?

The number of homes For Sale in the rest of the world outside of Lakeshore Gardens has been greatly affected by the banks and the smoke and mirrors that they are playing with the “Shadow Inventory”. These are the homes that banks own but the banks are not putting For Sale. In some areas there is over a 1 year supply of bank owned homes NOT For Sale.  

In Lakeshore Gardens there have been only 2 bank owned homes for sale this year. We listed one and it was sold in 30 days. The 2nd one is currently for sale at $147,900 – advertised as a 3 bedroom but is only a 2 bedroom. It is a 2007 home on a great lot. When I called the agent about the home and told her it was in Lakeshore Gardens she ask “Where is that?” She had it listed but did not know much about the home.  

Carol and I are your local experts on homes here in Lakeshore Gardens. We live here and know what is going on. Which is – There are only 8 homes For Sale right now – in June of this year there were 23 homes For Sale. In my opinion – there are really only 3 good homes For Sale – and they are completely different from each other – so it depends on what you are looking for.  

A great home with a very large backyard is 7212 San Luis. With the lowest space rent it will be a great purchase. Check it out at http://bit.ly/7212SanLuis (Refresh your screen – F5 – if all the pictures do not show the first time)  

As inventory of homes For Sale drops – prices typically rise. Be prepared to move quickly if you find the house that is right for you!

About Stephen Davis

We have been actively involved in Real Estate in California since purchasing 55 acres in 1975. We subdivided the land, built a house on one parcel and sold the others. We have subdivided other properties, owned two Real Estate companies, lead monthly seminars in Real Estate Investing, and sold hundreds of homes and mobile homes over the years.
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