The Value of a Home in Lakeshore Gardens

The space rent increased 2% January 1 2011. With the most reasonable space rent now going for $933 a month – how does that compare with other properties that are close to the Pacific Ocean?

At BlueWater Crossing – right next to the Coaster station and farther from the beach than Lakeshore Gardens the rent for a 1 bedroom loft is between $1,875 and $2,975 per month.

Most of our homes in Lakeshore Gardens are 1,440 square feet and the same size at BlueWater Crossings rents from $2,100 per month with neighbors on both walls.

The homes in Lakeshore Gardens are mostly 2 bedroom and 2 bath with a very few 3 bedroom homes.

Windsor at Aviara Apartments the smallest apartment starts at $1,340 for 625 square feet and the largest rents for $2,595 for only 1,365 square feet.

In Lakeshore Gardens most rents are for $1,500 a month for 1,440 square feet and 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. When you purchase a home, you can do all the things that a homeowner does – remodel inside, paint, grow a garden, have your cars right by your house in covered parking, and enjoy owning the home. And the space rent is less than renting a smaller apartment that one will never own. Truly living in Lakeshore Gardens is a bargain. For more real estate information and listings visit

About Stephen Davis

We have been actively involved in Real Estate in California since purchasing 55 acres in 1975. We subdivided the land, built a house on one parcel and sold the others. We have subdivided other properties, owned two Real Estate companies, lead monthly seminars in Real Estate Investing, and sold hundreds of homes and mobile homes over the years.
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