Exceptional Prices at Lakeshore Gardens Carlsbad CA

There are two homes currently For Sale in Carlsbad California at Lakeshore Gardens that are For Sale less than $40,000. 7321 San Bartolo Carlsbad CA is For Sale at $35,000. This home has a view of the Pacific Ocean and was built after June 16, 1976! It does have several thousand dollars of termite repairs.

7009 San Bartolo Carlsbad CA is For Sale at $39,900. The listing agent says that the house has 2 dogs and a cat that live inside and that the carpets may need replacing.

Both of these homes could be remodeled or pulled out for a new manufactured home to be installed. Call us for a showing at 760-473-5380 or 760-473-2509

About Stephen Davis

We have been actively involved in Real Estate in California since purchasing 55 acres in 1975. We subdivided the land, built a house on one parcel and sold the others. We have subdivided other properties, owned two Real Estate companies, lead monthly seminars in Real Estate Investing, and sold hundreds of homes and mobile homes over the years.
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