Can a Bad Deck Railing Kill You?

July 7, 2011 a Ranger’s baseball fan was reaching for a foul ball and fell 20 feet to the concrete and died en route to the hospital. The railing was 33 inches tall and the fan was 6 foot 3 inches.

Railings around decks in Lakeshore Gardens, to meet current building codes, need to be a minimum 42 inches high. Is yours? Thespacing between the balusters must be 4 inches or narrower. The opening between the bottom rail and the deck should be 4 inches or smaller. Existing railings are allowable – but if any work is done on the deck or railing, the railing needs to be brought up to building code for the safety of yourself and guests. Any decks that are 30 inches above the ground are required by building code to have a railing.

This is very important as I see NEW railings being installed in the park that are not up to the current building code. Besides being an important safety issue – when you sell your home the Home Inspector will note that the railings do not meet the current building code. There are also building code standards for the handrail on the stairs.

We always recommend that a homeowner putting their home up For Sale should have a Pest Inspection and a Home Inspection so that they are fully aware of issues that a Buyer will bring up to lower the Purchase Price of the home.

Next week I will share with you about Pest Inspections – and what company gives the best guarantee.

When you think of Buying or Selling Real Estate think of Steve – Your Neighborhood Professional.

About Stephen Davis

We have been actively involved in Real Estate in California since purchasing 55 acres in 1975. We subdivided the land, built a house on one parcel and sold the others. We have subdivided other properties, owned two Real Estate companies, lead monthly seminars in Real Estate Investing, and sold hundreds of homes and mobile homes over the years.
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