Termite Treatment in Lakeshore Gardens Carlsbad CA

We live near the coast. We will have termites in our homes. Period. It is not IF but WHEN.

There are many companies who will do a Wood Destroying Pest inspection for you – either at the time you sell your home or preventative while you are living in the home. Most of the homes that we have worked with as Realtors have had “drywood” termites. These pests fly and can swarm from your neighbor’s house to your house.

We also have seen homes that have “dry rot” which is an organism that attacks wet wood.

So Who Are You Going to Call?

We have worked with 6 different “termite” companies. The one we think is best would provide the longest guarantee. Most companies provide a 2 year guarantee. One provides a 4 year guarantee. And the one that I like best has a lifetime guarantee available.

Truly Nolen in San Marcos has provided excellent service to me and to my clients. The reason that I like Truly Nolen is after the initial treatment plan at the end of year 1, Chris will come out and do a complete pest inspection at no charge. At the end of year 2, Chris will come out again and do a complete inspection at no charge. If there are any problems that have developed from treatment that Truly Nolen has done – they will treat them for free.

At the end of the 2nd year you can extend the guarantee for an additional year for $200. Each year thereafter you can pay $200 and extend the Truly Nolen guarantee for another year. In 10 years you will have paid $2,000. I believe that sometime in the 10 years Chris will find termites – as we all get them living near the coast. Truly Nolen will treat the infestation that Chris finds for free. Tenting a home in Lakeshore Gardens costs over $2,000 now and will increase in cost as the years go by. So the $200 per year treatment guarantee will save you money.

For a Truly Nolen inspection call 760-291-1985 and ask for Chris Gorlitz to do the inspection for you and tell Chris that I referred you. Chris will do the inspection at no charge for our clients and friends.

Disclaimer: I do not own stock in Truly Nolen and I do not receive a percent from Truly Nolen for the work that you have done. I believe in the inspections that Chris does and the guarantee from Truly Nolen is the best for my clients.

Next week I will talk about the January to June sales in Lakeshore Gardens.

When you think of Real Estate think of Steve – Your Neighborhood Professional.

About Stephen Davis

We have been actively involved in Real Estate in California since purchasing 55 acres in 1975. We subdivided the land, built a house on one parcel and sold the others. We have subdivided other properties, owned two Real Estate companies, lead monthly seminars in Real Estate Investing, and sold hundreds of homes and mobile homes over the years.
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