Batiquitos Lagoon Speaker Series, Free to the General Public in Carlsbad California near Lakeshore Gardens

Affordable Beach LivingJust south of the 55+ Gated Community of Lakeshore Gardens is the Batiquitos Lagoon – a fully protected lagoon with no boating or fishing. There is a trail along the north side of the lagoon and a visitors center at 7380 Gabbiano Lane, Carlsbad, CA.

The Lagoon Foundation is sponsoring a series of speakers about the lagoon and nature in general – open to the public. The events are at the headquarters or if different noted below.

January 13, 2018- ALEX WARNEKE-Cabrillo Park Ranger Climate change and how it will affect our coast.

February 3, 2018- CORY HAWKINS-State Park Interpreter, Meet at the top of the staircase at Ponto Beach. Whale watching and a discussion on whale migration

February 10- KEN HULT – Vernal Pool A look at local critters swimming in the lagoons and ponds

March 10- CATHLEEN WALLACE -Native Americans Always an enjoyable talk on who lived here at Batiquitos

April 14- STEVE BLEDSOE -Snakes alive Live snakes! Kids love this talk

May 12- CHRIS METZLER -Geology What is the dirt is under our feet and on our bluffs?

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