Below are F.A.Q.’s – Frequently Asked Questions – about Lakeshore Gardens Mobile Home Park and living in this great park. Leave a question or comment at the bottom of this page if you have additional questions.

Question: What items are incurred monthly when living in Lakeshore Gardens?               Answer: The space rent, water, natural gas, electricity, garbage, and sewer.

Question: Who owns Lakeshore Gardens Mobile Home Park?                                              Answer: Lakeshore Gardens Properties L.P.

Question: Who manages Lakeshore Gardens Mobile Home Park?                                       Answer: BirtcherAnderson Properties, Inc.

Question: Why is the space rent higher than inland in Vista or Escondido?                         Answer: Space rent is based on value. Lakeshore Gardens Mobile Home park is located only 2 blocks from the Pacific Ocean, across the street from major everyday shopping with 43 different stores and business (see shopping page), 3 blocks to the Coaster station and easy access on and off to Interstate 5. The park has more going on than any other park in San Diego with a very active community of volunteers. The grounds, streets, pool, spa, clubhouse, and homes are kept in top condition.

Question: What are the age requirements in Lakeshore Gardens?                              Answer: One person in the household must be age 55 or older. The other person(s) must be at least age 45 or older.

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