Real Estate News

Here you will find commentary, facts, statistics on our local Real Estate market – Carlsbad, San Diego County, and California.

What is happening with the homes around our park and throughout the nation affects the prices of homes here in Lakeshore Gardens. When people could sell their home and walk away with $400,000 cash, then buying for $150,000 in Lakeshore Gardens was an easy decision. Now when many people do not have any equity or under $100,000 most people are staying in their current homes. Read below for comments and stories on Real Estate at large.

*****************************November 23, 2010 *******************************  Core Logic, a company that tracks real estate statistics reports that San Diego county has a 14 month supply of bank owned homes that are NOT for sale. That means that if every person took their home off the market and only bank owned homes were for sale it would take 1 year and 2 months to just get rid of the homes that banks own now. Many, many more homes are going into and through foreclosure in the next year and this will add to the Shadow Inventory of homes waiting to be put up for sale by banks.  It does not make sense to anyone why the banks are not selling the homes they own. What they appear to be doing is making the pain of their mistakes hurt the average person for years ahead – not for months.

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